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Freelance JavaScript/Unity3D Developer

OKF Deutschland

Sep 2017 - Ongoing


C#, Unity3D, NatCam Pro, Web Development, JavaScript, Aurelia, HTML / HTML5, CSS, Mobile Development, Android

"Ungehörsam" is workshop by Demokratielabore/Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland in which teenagers create interactive stories consisting of several locations, each giving you a choice of multiple locations to visit next to let the story unfold.

To create the technical foundation for this workshop, I designed and created two applications:

Ungehörsam Editor is written in JavaScript ES6 and uses the following components:

Ungehörsam Reader is written in C#, uses Unity 2017.3 as its engine, NatCam Professional for sharp and fast camera support on Android and the Android TTS Plugin for Text to Speech.

The code for both apps will later be available on GitHub as an Open Source project.

Demokratielabore are a pilot project of the Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland, government-founded by the Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend in the context of the government program Demokratie leben!.