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All versions: [Jam Version] / [A bit more complete ("Win"/"Game over")] / [Time Pressure: Shrinking] / [Time Pressure: Growing]

A protoype made in 3 hours at the Berlin Indie Game Jam 2011 for the topics "zero gravity" / "acrobatics". I am not sure where the second topic went.

Bring the white circle to the yellow circle without touching the red ones (or leaving the screen). Best played as co-op with a second human being.
At the moment it just restarts whether you win or lose.
Player 1: Fly in pointed direction with Space or X, and get a quicker selection by pressing two arrow keys at once.
Player 2: WHILE the white circle is flying, draw a line by clicking and dragging. The line will stop the white circle. If you draw the line through the white circle, you kill it.