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The original protoype was made in 8 hours at the September Mini Game Jam of our Berlin Game Developers Meet-Up for the topic "hack" by Tobias Wehrum.

So how does it work? Click here to find out!
Or, well, read this:

Convert the green nodes to your color. If the converting works ("Success" chance), you get [1-5] more score. If it doesn't, you lose [1-5] shield. Reload your shield at the white nodes - for free, this always works!
Get a total score of 100 in multiple rounds. If you die, you get no points this round. Be brave but careful.
"Speed up" makes you convert nodes faster.
"Spread" is your chance to convert a second free node when you convert one.
"Success" is your chance to convert a node.
If "Shield" falls under 0, you die.
At the [C] you can reconfigure your stats.

Player 1: E/D/S/F
Player 2: Arrow keys

Added for this version: (~30min work after the jam)
Speed actually does something.
Configuring at start.
Some small stuff.

WASD sometimes locks down on my laptop when the other player presses arrow keys, so I am using E/D/S/F.