I'm Tobias Wehrum and I make games and game prototypes, for clients as a freelancer and in my free time. I mostly work with Unity3D/C# and JavaScript/WebGL. I also co-organize the local monthly Berlin Mini Jam.

I love experimenting, be it with gameplay or with technology. I've worked with VR, alternative input methods (e.g. huge multitouch tables with object recognition, Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion, voice-controlled games) and I've built alternative controllers and game installations myself. I like making generative art and I am also pretty interested in AI, electronics and the maker movement in general.

That being said... where would you like to go now?


An overview over my best projects and my work history. Take a look at it, and if you are looking for a programmer for a project or two, let's talk afterwards!


My more experimental prototypes, musings on game design and generative art. Games controlled by yelling? Check. Kinect games? Check. Alternative controllers? Check.


The arcade game I am currently working on in my free time. Instead of weapons, the player uses two space ships connected by an energy net to defeat enemies.