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Freelance JavaScript and Unity3D Developer


Nov 2016 - Jan 2017

Germany, Berlin

C#, Unity3D, UGUI, Web Development, JavaScript, HTML / HTML5, CSS, PHP, UI Programming, Mobile Development, Android, GPS, Databases, SQLite

The H-EAR project is "augmented reality for the ears": Players listen to an interactive audio drama at the real-life locations where the story is taking place and decide what happens next by making choices, taking or rejecting telephone calls or physically moving to another location in the real world.

This project needed two parts:

I was the only programmer on the project. Additionally, I advised the other team members on the design/concept of the app and the editor.

The editor was made in JavaScript/HTML5 and featured node-based editing of branching story lines which could be decided by geolocation changes and several other user actions. Additionally multiple stories, episodes and characters needed to be supported. The system had to be web-based to allow access for multiple authors.

The Android app was made in Unity3D and played back branching story lines made by the editor. Apart from the playback functionality, it featured a cached/online map and several UI screens for multiple choices, phone calls and similar elements.