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Freelance Unity3D Developer (VR)

NowHere Media

Jul 2020 - Apr 2021

Germany, Berlin

C#, Unity3D, Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

I worked together with NowHere Media and their team to create "Kusunda", an interactive VR experience about the sleeping Kusunda language in western Nepal. It features volumetrically filmed interviews with 3D environments captured by photogrammetry to provide an immersive experience, which are further enhanced by 3D animations of the stories that are told. Several times during the experience the player is taught a Kusunda word and asked to repeat it before continuing.

My responsibilities were:



Kusunda is an interactive VR documentary about the sleeping Kusunda language in western Nepal, providing an immersive experience using a blend of photogrammetry, volumetric video and 3D animations.

Berlin 2037 Prototype

Berlin 2037 is VR experience in which the player is sitting on a real-world bicycle and moves forward by pedaling. The goal of the project is to show a vision of how Berlin and the experience of cycling through it could look like in the future. I worked on the prototype for this experience.