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Adamara: Harsh Waters

May 2021 - Ongoing

Made for cultures interactive

Role: Lead Programmer / Freelance Full-stack TypeScript/WebGL Developer

Web Development, JavaScript, TypeScript, WebGL, PixiJS, Frontend, React, Styled Components, Node.js, Express, Sequelize, MobX, mobx-keystone, Socket.IO, HTML / HTML5, CSS, Mobile Development, Network Programming, Databases, MySQL, DevOps, DigitalOcean, Docker, CapRover, Heroku, Sentry, Monitoring, New Relic

Adamara: Harsh Waters is a real-time collaborative game editor and an isometric RPG/adventure game. In combination, they are used in workshops for political education with young people.

As the lead programmer I planned and set up the technical foundation and architecture of the project, worked on almost all parts of it, distributed tasks to a team of 3 other programmers, regularly reviewed code on pull requests and served as a bridge for production and other teams.

In a bit more detail, some of my tasks included:

Key features of the editor/game:

A workshop usually works like this:

  1. The participants play the game.
  2. Afterwards, they discuss their experiences in the game in the group.
  3. The next few days of the workshop, they use the editor to create new experiences in the game editor (either as an add-on to the game, or to be played as a standalone), which can then be played by other people.